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Fire up the Time Machine…destination…the night of your life!!!!


Join our intrepid DJ/hosts as they push ‘the big red button’ and launch the Throwback Time Machine, the craziest video dance party this side of the 21st Century. You’ll be transported back in time by our resident spinner as he drops the biggest tracks and the most memorable pop videos from the past five decades. Blending some insane DJ skills with original video, a huge dose of on-stage audience interaction, dance-offs, stage-props galore and the odd impromptu communal karaoke session (complete with words on the screens for the forgetful!) the Throwback Time Machine delivers a night like no other.

At it’s heart, our show is all about F.U.N. It’s an evening where the mild-mannered can release their ‘big party guy’ for one night and where the cool and the hip can check in their sense of taste and refinement and join a stranger on the dancefloor doing the Macarena (or the YMCA…or the Cha Cha Slide…or…you get the picture). This night is all about YOU. You and the best party anthems from the 60’s right up until the present day. So let your hair down, let it all hang out and let us hear you sing as loud as you can to ‘Like A Virgin’. If you’re good enough, we’ll even get you on stage and let you loose on the mic!

NB. Maximum participation = maximum enjoyment. During the course of the night you may be invited up on stage to push our ‘big, red, flashing button’, plotting the course for the Time Machine’s next musical direction. Or we may want you to share those epic dance moves with the whole audience from the stage. Or we may want to let you show off that attractive 80’s lycra bodysuit you’ve turned up in. Don’t be shy. Come up, give us a high five and get involved in the show.

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    What’s the Throwback Time Machine and how do we hitch a ride???

    Quite simply it’s..the night of your life.  Our resident DJ arrives at your venue with all the monster tracks and videos from the past five decades along with our secret weapon..The Throwback Time Machine!!! Developed by our own in-house mad scientist, The Doc, this machine allows our DJ to transport you back in time. Once the machine is fired up our DJ takes you on a musical journey stretching waayyyyy back to the 60’s before bringing you right back to the present date.

    What about the videos?

    As well as listening to the best dance anthems of the past 5 decades you can SEE them in beautiful Technicolor!!! This is a ‘video-mix’ show where our DJs cut and blend the videos for each track completely live making it a proper ‘stage-sized’ event. Not sure how to do the Macarena? Watch the screen for instructions! Unsure of the words to N’Sync’s ‘Bye Bye Bye’? We’ve got them on screen, with the original pop video so as you can sing along at the top of your voice karaoke style.

    So is your DJ in control of the Time Machine?

    Our DJ controls it to some extent, but the secret ingredient in where the Time Machine ends up is…YOU!!! That’s right, throughout the night we’ll invite audience members up on stage to push the BIG-RED-BUTTON that powers the machine. Where we’ll end up, nobody knows as the button selects a year completely at random. What follows is a an awesome 5 minute mini-mix of the  top 10 biggest tunes of that year performed by our super skilful DJ. The lucky audience members are welcome to stay on stage during this mix and bust some moves.

    I’m almost sold. But is this just going to be ‘old music’ all night long???

    No way!!! The Time Machine will take us right up to the present day and in some cases., into the future! Before each journey we can programme the co-ordinates on the time machine to cater best for a specific audience. Want more 90’s music in the mix? We can make that happen. Do you need a larger amount of current tracks on the playlist? We’ll programme the Time Machine to spend more time in the 2010-2014 zone. This show is all about party anthems, sing-along classics and feel-good hits. So wherever the Time Machine is programmed to go, you know it will deliver the best dance party ever.

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